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    More recent showcase of my clay figurines.
Clay Figures
2007 - 2010
A more recent collection of figures. I tried to keep my sculpting skills sharp, because I'm mainly working on computer art. I also have much larger sculptures, as well as the usual miniatures.
Demon from Final Fantasy

This sculpture is based on the illustration by Yoshitaka Amano.
"Hero" from Dragon Quest VIII

Created this in my sculpting class at SVA. It was great to escape from all of the CG modeling and sculpt something out of clay again.
Jill Valentine from Capcom's Resident Evil

This is one out of very few, where I try to update the sculpture, over the years.

After playing the game, Batman Arkham Asylum, I've gotten into Batman.
Commissioner Gordon
The Joker

Big Bad Harv side of the face
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

From left to right: Sypha, Grant, Alucard

And for anyone who actually knows where these figures came from, I did make a Trevor Belmont, but my cat ate it.
Fighter & Black Mage from Final Fantasy