Kindred Tribes Cultural Heritage Center
Creating and branding a company from scratch
For my Integrated Design class we had to create and brand a company from nothing into something. Much like real life though, I couldn't pick what kind of company I would be working with. You take the jobs that are offered, and you take 'Cultural Heritage Center' when you draw it out of a hat. Being allowed free reign though takes away a lot of the pressures of designing for something that you might not be that interested in. I thought long and hard on what cultural heritage means in this day and age, I decided that the word kindred captured the feeling of heritage and genealogy. Yet kindred seems limiting, because people form themselves into their groups beyond their kin, so tribes was added on and Kindred Tribes was born.

For the look and feel of the organization, I wanted something down to earth, something that indicated sustenance. I drew a stylized wheat stalk to symbolize the earth and our connection to it. The 'bow' on the stalk is an ouroboros, or infinity symbol, to show the continuation down the generations. The style of the paper felt like it had a rugged, natural feel to it that fit with the symbol. While the photography elements where of handicrafts made from different cultures, but with such a small detail that you couldn't pin point the culture and instead it became more about the colors and textures. For the final piece, I did an ad for PBS.
The completed stationary system with a folding business card and a variation of the logo with three stalks of wheat on the back.
The monthly oversized newsletter that would not only give you the highlights of the coming month, but would also have a handy calendar to place on your fridge to keep you up on events at a glance.
The homepage for the website.
This ad would air before such shows as 'Antiques Roadshow' and 'American Masters.' All PBS guidelines where followed in the production of this ad.