Lord Voldemort's Chocolate Magic Stars
Cereal packaging parody
I will not let an opportunity for amusing myself and others go by if I can help it. For my final project in my first class back in school I was to create packaging for cereal. Yet I didn't want it to be some bland old boring cereal, I wanted to have some fun. Therefore when I saw this off brand cereal called 'Chocolate Magic Stars' for some reason I thought, what if Lord Voldemort tried to win over children to the cause of the Deatheaters by marketing cereal to them. Cereal where you could get your very own Dark Mark necklace for turning in your parents! Cereal with a sense of superiority! Cereal with some very nasty world puzzles on the back, that where more than just a little fun to write. Go on, look at some of the words in the word search.