Where Pies Go to Die
An all pie website
For my final project in Advanced Web 1, I was allowed to pick any subject I wanted for my final website, and for some reason I really wanted to do a website all about pie. I don't know if I had been watching too much 'Twin Peaks,' mourning the cancellation of 'Pushing Daisies,' or wanting an excuse to eat lots of pie, but pie I wanted to do. The look was, for me, always going to be classic, 1950s homemaker. The Betty Crocker, blue ribbon pie with the cream card stock and red accents. The imagery would be all vector based pies, to lend that air of vintage charm. I also had to sneak in an overt 'Twin Peaks' reference... I had to.
All the makings of many pies.
I did, in fact, eat many of these pies... ok, all but two, and I have to say, they where all very very tasty.
My pie man, Agent Cooper.
He will always be my Mr. October!