Artist Trading Card
A small self promotional piece to exchange with classmates
My teacher had a great idea. Isn't it always somewhat annoying when you have a critique, and one of your classmates has such an awesome piece that you totally want a copy, yet they don't have one to give you! Well, this project solved that. We where to design a trading card that we would then exchange with the whole class. This way, at the end of the assignment, when it was time for the critique, everyone had a deck of cards made by their fellow classmates.

There of course where guidelines... it wouldn't be an assignment without some structure. The front of the card was to be a childhood memory with a depiction of yourself as food, while the back was to be a pattern. One of my favorite childhood memories was of this gorgeous tree that was on the playground of my old school. I played there everyday with little stick people in the roots and branches. I am still bitter that they cut it down. My mother is the librarian there to this day, so I went over to the playground and took a photo of where the tree stood and then ghosted it back in with my Wacom. I should mention here that this was my first ever assignment using the Wacom, and totally instant love. The pattern evolved from these weird circular, I hate to say bars, but really, they are bars, that cover all the windows at the school. I can still remember being little and daring others to climb them.

As for me as food... well, what do kids love more than ice cream? I particularly loved the Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, of which I have magically morphed into. Though I was always disappointed that the chocolate was on top and the vanilla was on the bottom, so you always ended on the worst part. I also have to be grateful I grew into those teeth. For the final touches I wanted the whole card to look a little washed out, like it was an old over-exposed photograph that had been damaged over time but was still a keepsake of someones. For the final card I rounded the edges to give it a nice 'trading card' feel.