Eplegaarden Website Redesign
To redesign a local website in dire need of help
For my Advanced Web class, there is a website redesign every semester. Usually themed around the time of the year. Seeing as I took this in the fall an apple orchard was one of the possibilities. This orchard is very much into the image of an olde tyme Norwegian orchard experience. So I wanted to keep that vintage air, but class it up dramatically. The first thing I did was to visit the orchard. I was able to get many pictures and also inspiration as to where I was going to go with the design.

The orchard itself is gorgeous with a lovely prospect of the entire farm, which I turned into a letterhead on each of the pages. The little apple drawings I took out of the updated version of their logo that I created and then used throughout, in navigation and also in the apple varieties section, and yes, I did research what each variety looked like. To continue with the vintage charm I added scalloped edges to all the pictures.

The true 'fall flavor' though came from the leaves that surround the content. These are leaves that I dried years ago and than laminated to preserve. They finally where able to have a purpose beyond just beauty. I was thinking that maybe the site would have a different design each season... but does anyone think of visiting orchards any time of the year that isn't fall? I know I don't. The tricky bit of this design was that the second page had to be expandable, so that more content could be added. This was hard in that I didn't want the antique paper creating lines... I got it right... eventually.