Pottery Barn New Year's Eve Catalog
Using Pottery Barns existing catalog imagery, create a smaller mailer for the company
For my final project in Applied Computer Graphics I was to chose from a few companies, from FAO Shwarz to Pottery Barn, and others inbetween. I settled on Pottery Barn because I noticed that they had a lot of classy serving sets that could be combined into a New Year's Eve theme, mainly their old clock plates that I'm still waiting for someone to buy me. All the items I chose where kind of vintagey or deco in theme, so I decided to create a very stylized catalog. Using old clip art as well as brushes and snowflakes, I was able to achieve a vintage air. Personally I wish that I could have bought all the items and done the photoshoots myself so that the imagery was better suited for print. The most fun was the cover, because there I didn't have any resolution issues, and I could have some fun with type. For the 'Bonne Annee' I had seen a book cover that had handled their type in this way and little did I know at the time but that cover was designed by Jessica Hische!