Miss Eliza Screen Print
My first foray into screen printing
For my first adventure into screen printing I had lofty ambitions, but they fell by the wayside as the reality of homework came into the forefront. So I decided on doing something a little more 'practical.' I run my own book blog, Strange & Random Happenstance, and often I have the need for cards or various ephemera, so I thought I would just turn my blog logo into a screen. The original logo is derived from a combination of vintage silhouettes, but it is still very close to my heart. There is nothing better then cats and books!

I did want a little something extra, so I added some type as a sort of background for the image. That way if the screen lost some of the letter's crispness, it wouldn't matter. The text I chose was from Westley and Buttercup's first kiss in 'The Princess Bride' (book not movie). It's been edited a little to fit, but I think it worked really well as a silver background.

Overall I was really happy with how my first attempt went, and am looking forward to doing it more, especially with the expansion of the print opportunities at school.
The original logo turned into vector art.
The transparencies for burning the screen.
The screen.
Quite amazing how much detail I was able to maintain.
The final print on paper that is similar in color to the secondary color of my blog. I love how the silver comes through even though the blue is so dark.