The mineral water in the habits of the Italians

A few days of total lack of water or liquids that can be used already enough to block our alchemies vital. With the normal availability of water, even total starvation could allow several weeks for survival. The osmotic flow in and out, of the many elements that characterize the life of our cells is based on the carrier liquid that migrates through the filter of cell membranes: intracellular water, extracellular, interstitial. It is no accident that gave birth to death, the percentage of body water and intracellular water in particular, is inexorably reduced: dehydration negatively marks the biological age.Since 2003, the year dedicated to the worldwide problem of water, UNESCO said that "water is the patrimony of humanity", if only because it is the indispensable basis of all life, or at least the life that we know land.
The UN, in turn, has established and celebrated every March 22 the "World Water Day." The Italians have always devoted considerable attention to the drinking water. It is an ancient tradition, as witnessed by the great works of hydraulic engineering that our ancestors have shed in the world, during the Roman Empire.
To the present day, however, most of the tap water is purified using treatments mainly consisting of chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide. Hygienists are not enthusiastic about the chlorination, while considering it essentially harmless, but even less satisfied are citizens who do not appreciate the taste of chlorine ended up adopting, as table water, one of many "mineral water" on the market.
Italy is one of the countries of Europe which boasts the greatest number of mineral springs, with an offer to the consumer that is now around 300 "brands" of bottled mineral water. In 2010 our average consumption of mineral water was 186 liters / person / year, but what is striking is the speed of the incremental trend: from 47 liters in 1980 we moved to a doubling of consumption in just 10 years, and then to tripling in less than 20 years. The mineral water came so strongly into the habits of the Italians, at least for the more timid, he became even embarrassing to sit in a restaurant and ask for the normal drinking water. The positive trend in consumption of mineral water to the majority of countries.
Remember, however, that all mineral waters have a common hygiene, but they have to taste a different basis of their mineral wealth that characterizes them as indications salutiste. It should, therefore, take more confidence with the label, too crowded with useless information for the majority of consumers, and learn to familiarize themselves with the essential data.
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