Khwen Tama A' / Juan Tama de la Estrella
Illustrated narration
The Cacique (chief) Khwen Tama A / Juan Tama de la Estrella (Juan Tama of the Star) is a pivotal figure in the construction o the Nasa's Nation; he lived circa 1700 and is considered the father of the Nasa People.

My step bro Yuluts Yonda is an amazing artist and designer, proud of the heritage of his people and in constant search for build a better future for his comunity and all the other aboriginal groups of Colombia.

His bachelor's degree project is an amazing art book, completely hand illustrated, a personal approach to the history of the great Cacique.

For me is a honor to develop a microsite for his project, the color palette is inspired in the book itself.

The book have been written in Nasa Yuwe's and Spanish, hopefully will be translated to other languages soon.

The site is mobile friendly, created over skeleton.

To visit the microsite please follow this link