Sugacane Rebrand
Rebrand of Sugacane sweet shop concept.

The concept for rebranding Sugacane are based on monsters that live and play and eat all the sweets in the store. The brand is playful, humourous and light-hearted. The concept is based around a sweet wonderland experience. 
Logo Design
Character Designs

Sweet Monster Character designs that show each of their own personality and favourite sweet. 
Packaging Design

The monsters have their own personality and favourite sweet which is shown in packaging and in-store decor. I designed a collection of packaging including Jars, boxes, cups, bags and a bucket hamper. The DIY Hamper can be customized, by choosing their own sweets and selections to their own taste.
Shop Front Design

The Sugacane Nottingham Shop Front redesign. Window displays and instore arrangement designed to creates an exciting and playful look.
Instore Decoration & Arrangement Design

The Slogan for Sugacane is "A Sweet Experience" and this concept for the store is heavily inspired by the idea of a sweet wonderland fairground that the monsters live, play and eat sweets in. The idea is to create an exciting environment and experience something different at Sugacane.
 The DIY Hamper Section of the shop. 
A selection of sweets arranged on the shelves for a clear and easy way to customize your hamper. 
 Gobstopper Track
Inspired by marble tracks, it releases the gobstoppers when money is inserted which follows the roller coaster like track round to create a fun experience when purchasing the sweets.
Pic 'n' Mix Selection
Pic 'n' Mix selection where you can choose your own sweets and have a novelty experience of weighing your sweet bag by placing it inside a monster's belly. Then a token would come out of the monster's mouth that would say the price and weight of your purchase. 
Promotional Material

Adshel posters to promote the brand using the monsters in a large scale to instantly grab attention.