a Loughborough University Final Year Project by Thomas Sykes
The aim of this project is to produce a design proposal for a product that introduces exercise into a child’s life in an innovative and exciting way. Urban dance has been chosen as the platform to base this exercise on as it is culturally relevant to the inner city youth market.

This product combines exercise with video game style interaction. Whereas many products, such as the Wii approach the union of physical interaction and gaming with a bias towards the game and start with the gaming platform, this product gives full attention to the quality of the exercise thus approaching the union with a bias towards the health benefits.
What is GroundWave?

GroundWave is a new form of interactive gaming. Using specially designed sensors, concealed in a pair of trainers, GroundWave can teach you to dance.
The GroundWave app. goes on your smartphone which tells you what moves to do. The shoe then talks to the app., telling it how well you are doing.
Share you score with friends, create your own dance crews and challenge others!
The Final Design: Styled to appear energetic and exciting, this shoe aims to go to market with a bold and individual brand brand statement that should get instant attention. It does however draw on the some traditional influences from footwear styling but gives them a unique twist. 
Above you can see a marker render that has been taken through numerous editing software including Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop, to produce a visual to aid user research.
Above is a Sketchbook Pro design produced on a Wacom Cintiq. 
To aid the understanding of the complexsurfacing a clay model was produced. This was later used to aid theCAD construction for later prototyping and testing.
An accompanying application for asmart-phone supports the shoe and is the means of communication fordance moves. Accelerometer sensors, located in the shoes communicateswith the application, giving live feedback.
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If the other designs were concept cars, the above is a more conservative production friendly model.