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eCommerce Site ReDesign for Telltale Games

Role: Art Director / UX Design
• Managing a mid-level designer and front-end developer.
• UX research Documentation on gaming & e-store best practices.
• Wire-frames, User flows
• Bringing the company up to gaming and e-commerce best practices
• Creating an experience that could scale as the company grew
• Responsive Design to work on multiple Mobile devices.
• Creating new working processes for creative visual asset handling and archiving.
The Business
One of the main objectives of the redesign was to create a unique look that TTG could own and call theirs. Also, update the E-commerce section bringing them closer to best practices in today's gaming and e-commerce world including a responsive experience. Working closely with the stakeholders we created a site that best fit their business needs and at the time was unique from other gaming companies.
Also, expanding the social community experience by creating a whole new community space where the brand & the end-user could interact together making it more robust & enjoyable for participants to interact with each other and the game frenchises.
Pain Points and Research
There were several pain points for the company and the users. Mainly boiled down to navigation/taxonomy, and flow. Also some aspects of content strategy that was lacking focus.

Much of the competitive research and analysis started pointing to the direction the site needed to take. Research and analysis across multiple companies quickly showed multiple problems with navigation naming convention and user flow. This led me to start a rethinking of their navigation, taxonomy, and flow.
 at the available data we uncovered a high user drop-off rate at the cart once users went from the home page or from banners around the site.

Ideation and wires
Ideation consisted of several whiteboarding sessions with the team, CTO, and CEO to grasp part of their vision, thoughts and translate to content strategy. Then converting these ideas to wires.
After a few cycles of workshops and wires, I then moved to create 3 visual design concepts to present to the CTO & CEO. Once a concept was chosen we moved forward creating the rest of the site.
User testing
Initial user testing pre-site release showed favorable responses from the users with the new branding and flows. Users felt a higher level of trustworthiness, brand elevation, and site quality. Also, the new navigational naming conventions showed less surprise to users of where they were navigating to and what to expect.
On release, the numbers of users bouncing off cart from the home page and other areas on the site through banners, etc., dropped dramatically suggesting that the new taxonomy being used for CTA's and links was working effectively in creating proper expectations for users navigating through on their journey.
eCommerce Site ReDesign for Telltale Games


eCommerce Site ReDesign for Telltale Games

ReDesigning the visual online branding experience