Clean Sweep Services - Department of Labor LA Job Corps
Contract with Department Of Labor
Clean Sweep Services for LA Job Corps
Shore Total Office was required to provide allsupplies, materials, equipment, labor, supervision, management administration andtransportation to perform the task in accordance with the schedule andguidelines established by the federal, state and local laws, ordinances,regulations and codes, to ensure all aspects of the moving services areseamlessly managed within the project schedule.  
Success was achieved by our established and execution of the 4 layers of successful project management; Self Management for every laborer, Project/Site Supervisor directly responsible for the fiel operations and crew management, Project Administrator to ensure documentation control and overall deliverable actions that allow project performance as quoted and expected, and the Project Manger that is responsible for creating and implementing the strategic service plan.

Customer Reviews: 

You guys did great! We did meet the deadline and am grateful for your assistance. 
Considering the timeframe involved, I was totally amazed at what you accomplished. I didn't believe it could be done in that span of time, but I was proven wrong,and am grateful for it.

Don't ever hesitate to list me as a reference in the future. I will only give glowing reviews because your team deserves it!

RussBurbank, Ph. D.
Burbank & Associates
P:(501) 772-3127

Hi Chris,

Good to hear from you. It wasnice meeting you when I was in LA. I left LA for another job in SanFrancisco on 4/29/12. I was there for two weeks and finally got to comehome after a three month project. Always good to get home.

Hope all is well for you, and you havelots of jobs in your future. Take care and hope to see you againsome day. Thanks again for the great job you guys did for the LAJCC.

Mary Whitver
Property Consultant
1200 Millicent Ave
Frederick, OK 73542
I am big on helping and supporting people in need and specially our troops out there, this project gave me the capability to help a little by donating items from these buildings that were still in good condition. Below is the letter we received in attention to my Superintendent that made this project a success.

May 16, 2012

Mr. Barry Simpson

Dear Barry,

Thefollowing letter that we received recently from a Marine in Afghanistanthanks you for your recent contributions to Operation America Cares better thanwe ever could:

“Onbehalf of my squadron I would like to thank you very much for the care packageswe received just as we were returning from a night in the field. We were prettytired. The care packages show us that there are people out there who appreciatewhat we do. It’s a reminder of why we do it and helps us to stay positive during this time away from our homes. Whenwe begin to lose our motivation and feel as if people could care less aboutwhat we do we receive care packages and letters from complete strangers, whichproves our sacrifices mean so much more. So, thank you very much. CplMatthew T.”

Asyou can see, your generosity demonstrates to our young men and women servingaway from home, that we recognize and appreciate their sacrifices on our behalf.We could not exist without your support. Our care packages make them a littlemore comfortable by providing items that they do not have access to much of thetime, if ever. Many of them have nofamilies or are from families that cannot afford this kind of support, and ourcare packages are the only mail that they receive. 
We continue to pack and ship carepackages as supplies and requests come in. We have many businesses andorganizations involved and continue to grow. We have now shipped over 6,000care packages to deployed troops! We definitely make a difference! 

Our federal ID# is 27-4283172 fortax deduction purposes. We look forward to working with you on future mailings.God bless you! Once again, thank you for supporting our troops!

Roberta Mattice & LindaMillimaki, Directors
Operation America Cares