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    Europe 40 Under 40
Single - Family House
The backdrop of this plot is rather rural and evenplayful in its relation with the river.
The house issituated on a family farm where everyone relates but requests privacy. The farm features long platforms towards theriver with textured stone walls  that create different areas with fruittrees. At the upper level one founds theaccess to the farm and most of the proximity relations with the existentconstruction on the north surroundings, extremely uncharacterized. Hence, the house faces south andthe river, the less built areas with the most trees.
Themaintenance of most of all beautiful and locally traditional walls was veryimportant and they participate on the spatial organization ofthe house, establishing a particular connection with both the glass panels andthe painted concrete. The house sits on one of the walls that establishtwo platforms resulting on a two storey house, each with a direct relation withthe outside.
As the south view seen from the upper level isnot that interesting given its industrial character, one chose to place thebedrooms on this level framed by patios that function as their extension to theoutside.   It’s clear the harmonious relation between thevolume and the surroundings at the lower level with large windows framing thebetter view to south, containing the north view behind the volume that correspondto the bedroom patios on the upper floor.
At the upperlevel one finds the entrance where the relation with the south landscape isimmediate through  the two-storey height distribution hall. 
The weightlessof the volume is defined by the fragmentation and decision to separatehorizontally both levels enhanced by the hanging of the projection of thepatios over the inferior level and platform, which helps  accentuate thetransparency of the lower level.
The plastic possibilities of the materialschosen are determinant and were consciously introduced as aesthetic meanswithout questioning the programmatic issues of the constructive logic. The distinctiveshape of this house is no answer to constructive questions but also toaesthetic considerations associated to them. We believe that appearance andvision are determinant for the outcome silhouette.