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    These are personal and professional drawings and illustrations I've created through the years.
Pencil or Pen and Ink
Ever since I could pick up a crayon I've been drawing.
Pencil drawing from 1984. My technique was to keep 10 - 15 pencils sharpened to needle sharpness with an X-acto knife.
Stippling drawing - about 18" X 18". Stippling is the technique of placing a ridiculous amount of tiny dots on the paper with ink to fill in tones (back then I used Rapidograph pens). This piece took me several months to complete, mainly because I filled in the darker areas with dots, instead of using a brush.
Another stippling drawing. This time I got smart and painted in the larger dark areas with solid ink, and stippled in the tones with white dots.
Colored pencil drawing on board. These were the members of the School Board where I worked.
Painted with Procreate on iPad Air
Drawn with Procreate on iPad Air