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    Redesign of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences Official Website www.uacjs.uat.edu.mx
The objective of this project was to redesign the information arquitechture of the last website version of the academic institution. It started discarting and simplifying the information of all the pages of the website, as clear useless links, reduce photos, text areas and divs' sizes, organize dates, titles and subtitles of the sections, reorient the user navigation to the most interest pages based in the user preferences registered by Google Analytics. Afterward it decided to preserve the same design structure with little changes for the internal sections as the news or advices, adding web elements to facilitate the usability and the interaction with the users as the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ buttons or the Google Search bar in the top section of the site. The graphic desing style was changed according the principles design authorized and applied in the advertising campaign of the academic period. Here are the results.