Leinenkugel's 9th Annual Leinie Lodge Family Reunion
Leinenkugel's 9th Annual
Leinie Lodge Family Reunion 2012 

The pieces designed spanned across numerous different mediums including merchandise, signage, glassware, print, advertising, etc. 
Final Event Logo
Collection of all the promotional items I designed for the event.
Close-up of event logo printed on t-shirt
Pint glass and sampling glass used for all beer samples during the event. 
Comemerotive Leinenkugel's Leinie Lodge Family Reunion 2012 pint glass given out to visitors who made a purchase of $10 or more the day of the event and were also sale online.
Volunteers wearing event t-shirt. 
Newspaper ad with schedule and congratulations card.
Ad was used for Facebook post on brand's Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company Page
 Outdoor banner for event: actual size 3ft by 6ft
Image of Sign
Indoor welcome banner inside Leinie Lodge welcoming visitors. Actual size = 3ft by 6ft