Alfred Hitchcock: A Visual Journey Through An Innovator
Alfred Hitchcock!
A Visual Journey Through An Innovator
  This is a project at LCA I just recently completed. I wanted to create a very visual and considered publication based on one of the greatest directors of all time, and a personal favourite and inspiration of mine - Alfred Hitchcock. Current books on the topic are often very text heavy and 'academic', but it stayed with me that such a visual director deserves a visual book! 

For each movie, I visualised a famous scene/quote and also created a unique poster for each movie. I tried to reference Hitchcocks visual style in different contexts and the unpredictability of his techniques, but also apply my own sensibilities and visual style to it. I tried to create a healthy balance.

It's the first book I have ever, ever made! It was great fun.

Hope you enjoy, and hope to hear from you