Galaxy / Bell

The task for Bell Galaxy was to create the cosmos out of nothing; to take the viewer on a journey across unfathomable distances and gazillions of years in time to reveal that it's all within the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE Smartphone. The catch: we had just three weeks to create the universe within thirty seconds—a cosmic irony not lost on us.
The collaboration process with the creative team at Leo Burnett was a breeze, and there was a constant bouncing around of ideas during the pre-visualization process. This was one of our tightest deadlines to date, so that initial one-week previs process intended to lock-down camera moves was crucial for our team. From there, we were able to move into refining the animation, and to start rendering full-res elements including space dust, planets, asteroid belts, nebulae, and all kinds of other super-cool-geeky-space-details.
In addition to the challenge of a super tight schedule was the challenge of effectively capturing the sense of scale and travel across a huge comsic distance in a matter of seconds. The camera had to move at great speeds while maintaining visibly intricate details to ensure the viewing experience is as captivating as possible. The solution ultimately involved quite a bit of 'cheating' of scale and distances between objects, as well as clever transitions and blends accomplished with layers of elements in compositing.
Alongside the :30 TV spot, we were also asked to create a futuristic spaceship for the outdoor print campaign, which was rendered in glorious 14K resolution. The result of it can be seen in the process below..