Select project samples created in game design and computer simulation classes taught by instructors Bryan Craven, Michael Boyle, and Sung Kim.

Narwhal model created with Maya and Mudbox. Image retouching done in Photoshop.

Animated virtual neon sign modeled and animated with Maya and AfterEffects.

A classic jumping ball exercise with a twist. Modeled and animated in Maya.

Simple hammer and nail animation.

Another animated ball exercise. Created with Maya and AfterEffects.

A "Harlem Shake" animation created in Maya as a humorous reinterpretation of a video used in an experiment conducted by psychologists Fritz Heider and Mary-Ann Simmel in the 1940s on apparent behavior.
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Experimentation with character customization and image render manipulation using the popular "Andy" rig.
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Simulated environments created within the Unity game engine.

Caricature of actor Jonathan Banks, who plays Mike Ehrmantraut in the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul TV series. Digitally sculpted using Mudbox and a Wacom Intuos5 tablet.