Amanda Rose Wellness 

As an art director, I seized the opportunity to use my skills to help my fiancé, Amanda brand her business. as a personal trainer, boxer and yoga instructor.  It would be her first foray in the web, but knowing her and designing for someone on that personal level allowed me to fully communicate her spirit into her own brand. The site's intention is to be clear, focused and convey her vigor for life, fitness and healthy living.

Walsh Electric Contracting

I was given a family owned company with a 35 year history. They had no digital presence and wanted to re-brand their company for a newer generation. I was able to create a logo that embodied the new mindset of Walsh Electric. The website's look was taken from that logo and the site now serves a medium for all their services. 

Best European Renovation

BEC was another company that needed a showcase for customers to see their outstanding renovation work. The site became more a gallery for all the different type of interior renovations they offer. The idea was to put out a high end look to match the top quality work they have done. I photographed many locations of their work in order to showcase their service and give the consumer a better idea of their craftsmanship.