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    Some of my typography doodles that are work in progress
Lettering Sketches
I have always been fascinated with the art of typography and lettering. I first started doodling in 2011 to give it a shot, since then I've been hooked and whenever I get an idea or just need to unwind I sketch what comes to mind. It's quite experimental. 
 I'm always starting new sketches but never really completing most of them so I hope to change that by working on turning these into digital pieces as I also work on my technical skills and develop better aesthetic. I will update these with newer sketches and a link to the final versions when they are done with "Final Piece".

If you guys have suggestions, quotes or feedback, feel free to let me know!

My latest drawings are posted on dribbble which you can see here.
I saw the letters take shape in my mind and, the words carving it's way onto my canvas as I drew...
I did a lot of self reflecting and thought of how greatful I am to be alive every day!
Identity: Who am I? - What am I about? What do  I want out of life and what is my purpose?
There's the good and the bad bits of love that hurts like no other pain. In the final I decided to make
a little change 
Can't tell you how much times I've heard this before, it just makes perfect sense!
Why conceal the truth?
There's always an inner voice inside us that struggles with self image, what we think of ourselves is what we portray to the world. What matters most is appreciating ourselves even if it's a tad bit cheesy but if it gets you to smile inside then hey! - On a serious note this one was a request
Go ahead! First you gotta believe in yourselves for others to believe in you! 
La ilaha ill'Allah Muhammadur Rasulallah 
No one will ever come close to the love I have for him
Love has no boundaries
Dead or Alive? 
The mind is one of the most powerful possessions we have full control of. How we think influences our actions and our outlook on life. It can either impact on us for the better if we hold that control or if we lose control it could impact negatively on us. 
"Every cloud has a silver lining."
There's peace within that chaos you just gotta find it and hold on. 
Love my India, its culture and its people!
There is nothing that compares to the beauty and serenity of nature, it's an open road of tranquility
Words cannot describe, feelings cannot describe
Believe, Hope, Trust
Love my Mom!!
Two sides? 
I do!
Because smiling is an act of charity!
Allah piece designed with Arabic orthographic symbols to mimic the Arabic lettering style الله‎ 
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