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Promotional Post Cards
expressing mood through abstract photography
Expressing the mood or essence of a subject can be the cornerstone when attempting to capture the attention of the audience. In some design work the purpose is to inform and communicate a specific message. In others it reach out and grab the audience by creating an emotional connection or feeling. For this set of promotional post cards, both of these techniques must be utilized. The visual on the face of this postcard had to captivate the viewer in a matter of seconds and express the themes of the play "The Skin of our Teeth". Through rich, contrasting colors, rough texture, and a single ominous quotation we can express themes of a sophisticated mystery/tragedy which unravels throughout the production. Once the attention is obtained, the proper use of informational hierarchy on the back is used to express the details of the performance that will be needed most when making the decision to attend (Location, Date/Time, Cost, etc.). Proper use of these skills can greatly increase the success of any promotional campaign.