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    Brief 7 Packaging design
For this brief we had to design and make a promotional piece of packaging containing information about 3 digital artists to be given out as a free gift to people coming to an art exhibition.

I chose 3 artists whose work i love and admire, they all have a very individual style.

The 3 artists were

Delme Rosser - click here for link

Lorenzo Etherington - click here

Nikki Stu - click here

I have asked permission from the above artists to use their work for this project. All images are copyright the relevant above artists.

All 3 artists create characters, i chose the link between them to be their monster characters. I then made a toy from fimo clay represen ting each artist. With the monster theme, i decided the best way to display them would be in a crate like box. Each box for each artist, has a note with information about them and contains their relevant monster. Below are the nets for the inside and outside detail for Lorenzo's box. All 3 boxes would be contained into 1 larger box, with a viewing window.

I then had the idea of making the final large box to be in the shape of a van as if carrying the crates. The last 2 nets are the plans for it. I didn't manage to get a photo of the van box but it is a 3D model.

Pink Octopus - Delme
Blue Yeti - Lorenzo
Black Bear - Nikki