Honda Kilo
6th Term Sponsored Project
     "The goal of this project was to design and improve mobility for the paraplegic. The concept development for a project of this nature reflects what may be the future of Honda's Robotics. This design forecast is based off of research and my understanding as designers.

     "Kilo's primary function was to provide methods of improved motion for paraplegics dealing with hand & arm disabilities."
Concept Design
     The main purpose of the Honda KILO is to provide the future aging populace an uninhibited opportunity to participate in athletic growth. The aging market of 2025 will give rise to a large number of elderly; a growing population in wide need of assistance with devices that make arduous tasks simple and stress free.

Ergonomic Model:
     Devices such as the exciting DEKA arm currently provides users with lost limbs a replacement that functions like an arm. Under such circumstances the current model for limb movement assistance has been based off of a missing limb. Could there be a model that improves motor functions of those who just need strength assistance?

Visual Representation of my early design process.
Current Market:
     In the prosthesis industry there are several robotic arm manufacturers that assist in the replacement of limbs for amputees most of these technologies have made their way towards the vast audience of consumers. However the industry has not delivered a product that supports the aging and those in physical need without being physically invasive. The aging and those in need of basic support offers the larger and almost untapped category in elderly care.

     My thought process on the development of KILO stemmed from the research done by Honda Advance Robotics on ASIMO. Honda R&D uses the walking technology from ASIMO to develop applicable derivatives that serve a purpose in the personal mobility industry. As you may well know, the Honda Stride Assist offers assistance in movement.
Project Take Away:
     After analysis of design trends my decision to focus on an arm device with focus on Honda's next big thing. The focus during the early phase of the KILO was to analyze the ergonomics of the arm and create a design that contoured the arm instead of replacing it. After my package was set and my design direction was clear, I began localizing areas where I could capture the essence of Honda Robotics.