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    A series of illustrations produced to go into an edition of The Prisoner by Thomas M. Disch.
The Prisoner - Illustrated
Thomas M. Disch

Cover illustration and 3 internal images for The Prisoner. 
Front cover

Using the marble egg as the main focus, the reflections within it shows both a cage and a key. When the book is folded, turning it reveals there is neither bars nor a key in reality. 
 Phone booth

Here the phone emphasises the importance of numbers, and the Church in the background is hinted at being merely a prop - a fabricated reality - enhancing the questions of reality. 

This image focuses on the doppleganger discovery, deliberately making the faces of the characters obscured and confusing.

The identity of the figure is unknown, mirroring the confusion of the identity of Number 2 and the escapee. The empty space is used to emphasise the invisible boundaries of the village prison. Also the subtle visual code hidden within all the illustrations continues.