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    Complete package for the Band »auf pomali« - music video, media packaging, merchandise and even a custom font.
The »...auf pomali« Project (Schönwetter Schallplatten) is a collaboration of artists from the austrian Bands »Hörspiel Crew« (Sumo Beats) and »Garish« (Ink Music).

The project was a complete package: Media Packaging, Merchandise a custom Font and the music video. 
As I ain't got the time to rebuild the 1080p HD Video, the shown is the version for Music TV stations. You'll have to skip the first 30 seconds. Quality sadly is not the best as this was uploaded at a time where vimeo didn't support full HD.
Logo mutations
Final Logo
Motion Capture: ~40k clicks for all frames
Different illustrations from the video, merchandise and media packaging.
Custom Font »k01 Freehand Cutout« 
made for the packaging and merchandise