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    Category: Scenography Client: Dyson Completed: 2012 Design Team: Dyson France, L'école de Design Nantes Atlantique
For Dyson France - Designer's Days 2012 with L'École de design Nantes Atlantique.
The air is an essential element of our identities: he carries the fragrance of our childhood, warms us in winter, ensures our survival. The course intends to explore all aspects of health, hygiene and well being. The air becomes inspiring and fun: it allows the designer to take ownership of the air identity forms and new sensations. The air makes and breaks in a breath some poetical and ephemeral creations. A journey to explore, full of surprises, and to share with family even if that shot "wind."
Conceptual researches.
How to make visible the immaterial, the intangible tangible, concrete the elusive? We realized here an "inspired" scenography by questioning a key element of our IDENTITIES: Air. We explored, through a playful way, this element of life as much fascinating than mysterious. It offers visitors a journey retracing the different facets of the intangible.
In the dark box Wind Up was catching all the eyes.
People were using Wandy to make some bubbles everywhere!
The video "La tête dans les nuages" was part of an installation "La tête en l'air":
"The video tries to transcribe the different ways of dealing with "air" on earth and in the sky. The video is a vertical progress. The camera soars into the sky while showing the folded elements to the eyes of spectators. The "folded paper" style was use for the symbol of the lightness of the paper facing the air. In addition it recalls the taste of Dyson for drawings and models made of paper and cardboard." Manyfold & Julien Bergignat