Insectorama is a (yet to expand) installation I've made for the exhibition 'Grenzeloos' (Boundless) in the Stedelijk Museum of Kampen, the Netherlands. The insects are all hand cut from paper.

In a review about Insectorama:
Sigrid Spier makes works of paper between flat and 3D. Her insects are pinned to the wall, but in an attempt to liberate themselves they extend their wings into the museum hall. Give us space!
Insectorama at the exhibition
lat. Coenagrion glacialis
eng. Icy dragonfly
ned. IJzige waterjuffer
lat. Curvam spina aquilonis
eng. Northern hunchback
ned. Noordelijke dikrug
lat. Curvam spina australi
eng. Southern hunchback
ned. Zuidelijke dikrug
lat. Sanguinem canis         m.
eng. Dogsblood
ned. Bloeddrupje
lat. Maerenti umbra nox
eng. Black mourner
ned. Zwarte rouwrug
lat. Osseus arma
eng. Armor atomy
ned. Harnas             m.
lat. Osseus arma
eng. Armor atomy
ned. Harnas          v.