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    Tough times being a graphic designer.
First, I went to the woods to hunt some Paperigami, which are pretty rare type of things. I'm not kidding, the official name of the class they belong in, is called "Things". Anyway, there were lots of them, everywhere! I guess it was the peak of their season.
I started chasing them bare-handed, with no luck at all =/.
Then, I tried a different tactic. I was sitting still, pretending to be not interested. Very soon they surrounded me getting closer and closer to investigate, and that's how I caught my Paperigami. One by one.
They needed to be clean for the photoshoot so I put them in the washing machine. No worries, they don't need air to survive, so no messy Paperigami suffocation.
And a bit of drying.
Had to find the perfect pose for the photoshoot.
Say "cheese"!