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    Buratino CSD drink campaign
"Buratino" CSD drink campaigns 2009-2010

CSD drink “Buratino” is one of the most popular and loved beverages in the former Soviet republics. The difficulty with this brand is that it cannot be registered, and anyone may produce this beverage. Our aim was to highlight precisely this “Buratino” for the consumers.


Our client is the longest-standing manufacturer of this drink in the region. The drink formula has not changed in many years, and many generations love the taste of this specific beverage. That is why we decided to name this drink “Real Buratino”. Then, during many campaigns, we purposefully promoted and reinforced the image of the drink as the only “Real Buratino”.

2009 Main campaign

The script “Experts” was at the heart of the first campaign, but our ‘experts’ were very unusual. We had selected characters from the well-known fairy tale “The Adventures of Buratino” (Soviet version of the “Pinocchio”). These famous characters - Karabas-Barabas, Malvina and Papa Karlo – could really tell the difference between the real Buratino and the fake.

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