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Shaw Retail, National
Winner • 2013 Store Design - Mid Size Retailer • Retail Council of Canada Excellence Award

The Breakhouse approach to every project ensures that what we create not only reflects the inner truth about the brand but just as importantly it reflects the inner truth of the brand's customers. When Shaw chose Breakhouse to help envision their first stake in the heavily saturated retail battlefield, it was important to understand that previous interaction customers had with Shaw happened via call centres. We also needed to transition the way people traditionally thought about Shaw as a cable company into recognizing them as a full service provider of entertainment and cutting-edge technology, any where, at any time. It was time to bring the company out from behind the curtain and start interacting, up close and personal.

In a collaborative design effort between Breakhouse, Trapeze and Shaw, a retail experience emerged that focused on content and the consumer journey. Every step a customer might take when they walk through the door and every thought and desire they might have needed to be understood and catered to within the design. Digital touch points were constructed to be less about high tech and hardware and more about service and lifestyle; these touch points also allow Shaw to respond quickly to changes in technology and entertainment trends. The design needed to excite and engage every demographic, provide solutions for every level of customer knowledge and, most importantly, support the sales process.
Shaw Retail, National