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The Human Spark
Igniting Human Performance

Brand Identity, Print Collateral and Web Design
"I have been working with Shari for the past year on several types of projects, from web-design to stationery and brochures. The output on all of the work has always been superb. She will help you through every stage of the process and always offer different alternatives to complete the job at different price ranges, always keeping quality in mind. She is very personable, which makes her a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her anytime. And here is my website as a proof to the quality of her work:"

Patricio Ramal

An Ambitious Mission
At the beginning of our project, our client Patricio Ramal stated “It’s time to raise the bar, upend the useless, outdated and outlived leadership and management practices that limit human performance so individuals and organizations can reach their full potential.”  A powerful statement that reflected the goals that Patricio, a seasoned corporate strategist, had set for his new company.

The Human Spark Brand Identity
Both “Human” and “Spark” are descriptive terms so the obvious first step was to explore visual representations of those terms. However the preliminary exploratory designs based on this approach seemed too literal. We felt the designs needed to leave more room to the imagination, open them up and minimize the literal in favor of the abstract. In the final design, a graphic of the "Spark" emerged between a round and a square shape representing the humanistic and the scientific. The shapes comprise the letter H acting as a mnemonic device for Human which come together as a distinctive focal point for The Human Spark brand logotype. The warm colors reinforced the human character as well as Patricio’s Latin American roots. 

The Tagline
To capture The Human Spark brand essence and personality we developed a tagline that carried the brand message with terms that clearly communicated its competitive positioning with a proactive emphasis. The winning tagline option: “Igniting Human Performance”

Patricio made it clear that his company would be more than a just a consultancy, it would be a true management change agent. My design partner Javier Romero and I worked closely with Patricio to create a brand name, logotype, identity, website and video that supports his goal of presenting the company as a unique resource for improving human performance and organizational practices. 

A Name to Remember
We know that a great name has to be easy to pronounce, be appropriate to its audience, be memorable, be distinctive, be inspirational and be able to stand the test of time as well as be legally available. After a series of freewheeling brainstorming sessions where many concepts were produced, analyzed, researched, discarded, combined, narrowed down and tested, we came to the conclusion that the name needed to be descriptive of the company’s unique offering. The word “Human” had to be part of it. It was clear that empowerment was a key attribute, which lead us to the “Spark” term which conveys reviving and bringing to life concepts with a disruptive hint. The Human Spark was born. 

The Human Spark Website
The website objective was to clearly communicate why The Human Spark exists, provoke thought, generate interests among potential clients, tell the story, explain its benefits, build credibility and ultimately trigger a call to action, a subscription to The Spark e-News and request for information. All of this presented with a clean, modern, bold but business like look that represents the singular personality of The Human Spark brand. We developed the website with a custom made Content Management System (CMS) that allows for easy updates of all the website content components. 

We invite you to look at the website, not just from a design standpoint but also to learn more about 
The Human Spark philosophy and services. We believe you will find information that can be valuable to anyone looking to improve the results of their organization. 

The Human Spark Manifesto Animation
The Human Spark is more than a process or an approach it’s a radical management philosophy that candidly challenges the status quo. Initially we felt that the best way to conveying this manifesto would be for Patricio to spell it out in a video. At the end we agreed that The Human Spark manifesto had to stand up on its own and opted for creating a story, an animated visual metaphor to explain it. Patricio wrote a script that we illustrated, designed and produced to bring The Human Spark manifesto to life. In addition to Javier being an incredible partner and designer, Javier is an amazing illustrator! Javier did an incredible animation for this piece of the project!

The Print Collateral
The Human Spark Print collateral expands the presence of the brand into the tangible realm further enhancing its credibility and longevity. The print collateral package was crafted with the utmost attention to detail including the fonts that were used and the paper stock that was selected. The clean boldness of the design was planned to reinforce The Human Spark brand core values. The package includes a letterhead, second sheets, #10 envelopes, mailing labels, business cards, stickers, product sheets, a press-kit portfolio, a downloadable and printed brochure along with electronic CVs in two languages.
The Human Spark Brand Identity + Website

The Human Spark Brand Identity + Website

The Human Spark Mission Our Mission is to upend the useless, outdated and outlived leadership and management practices that limit human performan Read more

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