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    Series of 5, large drawings inspired by dance.
Dance drawings
My fascination with dance originated from my interest in human body as an art form. Over time this has focused into me being particularly intrigued with the movement of the body. With movement comes the concept of the ‘fugitive’ and subsequently the artistic need to develop a way to capture it, or at least an impression of the feeling it evokes and conveys. Dance, like music unless recorded, is a fleeting form of art and I find my challenge is to strive to immortalize its essence within a new medium.

Dance as a subject is particularly appealing because it generates the utmost uplifting experience, not only to the dancer but also to the one who observes them dancing. Furthermore, as a metaphor it represents the struggle to conquer the limitations of one’s body, attempting to develop full control over it.

Personally, my drawings are a study of how human body in motion can create a highly intense image. The challenge is to encapsulate a range of emotions within a pose of a body. A dancer skillfully uses their body to speak of an inner landscape which gets projected into physical space. My task is to investigate their language, concentrate on a few letters to translate and then showcase these via the medium of my practice. By doing this I want to achieve exaggeration of the message and a development of the experience.

All drawings are produce in pencil on A1 size paper with reference material provided by dancer Joanne Pirrie.