This Project will be Redone soon.

(With newly acquired knowledge and skills)

Virtus Scents
The Essence of Man
This is a project I did when I was in high school for my final examination. The project is about a Cologne company named Virtus (non-existent) that makes Men's Cologne. Virtus is a Latin word meaning strength; bravery; worth, manliness, virtue & character. The project was done using Photoshop CS.

Below is the logo that I made and if you look closely you can see the face of a man and the face of a lion fused together. This is meant to represent the meaning of Virtus. The mane of the lion and the man's hair are flames which represent passion and power, characteristics often linked to manliness. I chose this colour because its dark and earthy, in a way to show how a man needs to get dirty in terms of hard work, the colour also represents strength and courage.
The Colognes are flavored according to fruits but the scent itself  is musky. There are 3 Flavors: Apple, Blueberry and Strawberry. The bottle design is structural and perhaps out of the ordinary. Each flavor has a unique design to make it stand out. Below are the 3 flavors in front and side view.
Virtus Apple
Virtus Blueberry 
Virtus Strawberry
Logo with Lettering
I also did a tri-fold brochure showing the products, a brief intro and contact information.
"Don't Hate, Appreciate lol"