Back to the Farm
An artist's journey
Having grown up on a farm, I'll always have a deep appreciation for the smell of newly tilled soil, fresh hay curing in the summer sun and yes, even the pungent aroma of diesel smoke if it's not enough to choke on. Watching what you plant and nurture mature into a bountiful harvest in one of the most gratifying experiences I've ever known.

When I was approached by the folks at the Gladstone Farmers Market about coming up with new branding and promotional pieces, I jumped at the chance. As you can probably deduce, farmer's markets hold a special place in my heart. The color and aroma of all the fresh produce right from the field, talking to the proud farmers and artisans that work so hard (and honestly) and the coming together of people from different walks of life to enjoy it all make it more than worth my while to set aside an hour or two on summer weekends to visit.

Of course, then I get to go home and cook something ridiculously fresh for dinner. Maybe that's really the best part!