It's sad that recently I have seen a growing number of architects and designers just hop straight onto their computers and work their ideas out. These days students come out of school with portfolios full of computer generated stuff.

Nowadays, a project plan is done on computer and then a software pulls up the perspective....and then another software finalize it! What happened to good old 1 point and 2 point perspectives with hand rendering? I'm talking about sketching Interiors. Elevations, Perspectives, and Plans... to scale! It's almost like the art of sketching and drawing is dying. I say almost because there are still a few out there who still do it... and do it well... I believe I am one of them!

My advice to young Architects, work out your hands, hand rendring and sketching is not by any mean less important than computer generated presentations, and nothing is better to get a point across in a design meeting than to be able to sketch it up real quick right in front of the client.
Anyway, I have here some sketches and perspectives to show you, hope you like them.

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