S.O.S. Haiti needs your help poster

I was touched by the recent news from Haiti, unexpected earthquake thatdevastated vast part of Haiti, especially it's capital Port-au-Prince.I have never been to this city, but I visited Santo Domingo inDominican Republic on the other side of the island Hispaniola. This wasin 2004, I befriended many people and artists, and heart about theHaiti, theirs struggle and political instability. Many Haitian wouldcome for work to Dominican Republic.

With my friend Jonathanwe went to Santiago, the city in the middle of DR, there we visited oneof the old cigar factory. He said that majority of the workers werefrom Haiti.

I hope for a miracle, that rescue teams can still help people trapped inside fallen buildings. Please go to www.redcross.org to donate small amount to help.