Wired | the divided brain
An handcrafted cover for a "passioncrafted" magazine
BRIEF / "Wired magazine wants to create a special theme issue. It asks you to make the cover illustration and a review of the head in three-dimensional key."

TOPIC / The differences and cooperation between the two sides of the brain > Iain McGilchrist TED'S speech

IDEA / We decided to realise an unusual pop-up cover, using papercutting texts and a "Wired style" photograpy. The brain hidden under the cover was made with FIMO, metal and paper objects.

We also thought for a video with a Fimo little man (in the role of a neuronal connection) that interacting with the objects in the brain comes at the end with the bright idea... it is not beutiful as we had in mind (for some technical problems and unfamiliarity with stop-motion) but I hope you like the idea...  

TEAM / Daniele Causio, Alessio Conti, Silvia Peressini, Stefano Summo + photos by Filippo Savoia
 The pop-up cover
The viral video
 Look at the idea, not at the realisation! :/
Some photos from behind the scenes