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Wood Preserver
Festival Volcán: Gold - campaign, Gold - Home and office.
Festival Pregonero: Honorific Mention Special - Campaign, Honorific Mention - Best ad

Client: Madetec. Wood Preserver
Art Director: Kenneth Prieto.
Designers: Marianella Snowball, Felipe de la Parra.
Copywriter: Cristhian Fuentes
General Creative Directors: Pablo Chaves, Javier Mora.
General Art Director: Joaquín Brenes.
Illustrator: Martestudio - Fusión: Guillermo Ramos.
Art Direction
Left: photography studies by Nela Snowball. Right: first renders by Guillermo Ramos.
1rst Sketches: Nella Snowball - Felipe de la Parra - Joaquin - Knnth Prieto.
Final renders by Martestudio
Final composite: Colorize, texturize, touch up
Art Direction Boards