Luscious Lucy Lui, has many talents and interests. Well heeled in the Arts, Lucy's Asian heritage is an essential part of her whole pesona. Her mother is from Beijing, and her father is from Shanghai. Although raised in America, she has created her unique angle on the Asian-Amercian experience.
We became to know Lucy and her wit from her television days on Ally McBeal in 1997 and her rapturous role in Charlie's Angels. This lass has so much energy, passion for life, and her creative take on fashion. She buys vintage!
Why do we love Lucy? Apart from her roles on the silver screen, she has endeavoured to make a worthy difference to numerous social causes around the world. A staunch advocate for gay marriages and equality. She has worked with UNICEF, promoting health and safety for children around the world, as well as her efforts with UNIFEM working against human trafficking in Asia.
Lucy, you are a modern day Asian style icon!