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    Advanced Powerbuilder datawindow development examples and techniques.
The Planner Datawindow
Using Powerbuilder 12.5 to Create a Modern User Interface
  The Planner datawindow is a dynamically generated datawindow that allows users to plot tasks on a date time interval.  This is a demonstration of what can be done with dynamically created datawindows.   It uses the most up to date visual properties available in Powerbuilder 12.5.  The purpose is to present the modern user interface that can be created with Powerbuilder, the complexity that can be achieved with dynamically created datawindows and the resulting ease of user interaction.
The planner datawindow component is useful for any type of schedule related activity. The planner component has been designed to be efficient in the use of screenspace and the ease of mouse based data entry and manipulation. This makeit ideal for use on Windows based PDA devices using PocketBuilder. Business uses of the planner datawindow component include the following...
Multiple time intervals can be created and displayed at the same time. Time intervals include...

Simply select a 'draw' a task onto the planner.  The new background effects are seen in the task list and the bars generated on the planner.
A closeup shows the background effects of gradient on the header areas and transparancy on the bars.
A list of tasks is built as tasks are applied.
Viewing the detail for the row shows the name of the task applied to the row. Each bar also has an associated dropdown datawindow that can display any format of datawindow. In this case its a bar graph look showing gradient backgrounds. The entire dropdown datawindow has transparency set which gives it an appearance of floating over the planner.
Gradient and transparency is used to create a menu of icons that have a rollover effect of the menu option becomng fully visible as you mouse over them.
Gradient and transparency is again used to create a column selection tool.  The effect highlights the columns that are to be included in the selection.
View the video to see all the features and Powerbuilder visual properties in action.