The letterpress-printed piece we printed to promote The Pittsburgh Citizen.
Once we helped get The Public Square Project operational, we turnedto their first initiative: an online citizen journalism web site,focused on local government transparency issues, called The PittsburghCitizen. Bearded named and branded the Citizen (enlisting the help ofillustrator John Passafiume),and developed a web site to display the news stories, as well as abehind-the-scenes web application which allows journalists and editorsto collaborate on stories, and publish them to the site. Bearded alsospent a day shooting photographs of notable Pittsburgh landmarks,resulting in a library of Pittsburgh-specific stock photography forjournalists to include with their articles.

To help promote the launch of the site, Bearded also created apromotional piece and printed it live at HotHouse, the Sprout Fund'sannual event, on a 19th century foot-powered press. The resultingletterpress piece explains the Pittsburgh Citizen's mission, andinstructs HotHouse attendees to use their Twitter accounts to reportthe event, including the tag #hothouse. These tweets were thendisplayed on a page of The Pittsburgh Citizen, as a way of reportingthe event live using hundreds of volunteer journalists.
The Pittsburgh Citizen is an online citizen-journalism news source focused on Pittsburgh politics and government transparency.
Matt printing the letterpress promotional piece live at HotHouse 2009, on his 19th-century Golding Pearl platen press.
Matt took this shot in Schenley Park while he andDominic were on a photographic tour of Pittsburgh, creating TheCitizen's stock photo library.
The Pittsburgh Citizen's logo includes a comissioned drawing of downtown Pittsburgh by John Passafiume.