Anti-Putin propaganda - KISS YOUR MONEY GOODBYE
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    Anti-Putin propaganda. 2012
Anti-Putin propaganda - 2012 - Kiss your money goodbye - What a blue sky!

During presidential elections in Russia in 2012, there were numerous falsifications and criminal activities from the Putin`s criminal administration. Putin and his gang, acted despite The Law and  Human rights, trying to win and safe  Putin`s regime and his dictatorship.  Unfortunately they won.
The animation based on the very popular songs from  the cult Russian music movie "Buratino", a Russian adaptation of "Pinocchio". Main characters - Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev  - created by russian artist Victoria Tsarkova / Виктория Царькова 

Evronews -

"Another cartoon uses the music from the Russian version of the famous tale Pinocchio. It shows Putin as the fox character, who is articulate, and current president Dmitry Medvedev as the cat, who just repeats whatever the fox says."

Spiegel -

"For a few days, the short animated film by Andrey Zakirzyanov  is online. He tells the tale "Buratino", a Russian adaptation of "Pinocchio", something different. The title of this protest version is "We've misplaced your money." The main roles: Putin as Alice, the fox with feather hat, and Dmitri Medvedev as Basilio, the cat. The two dance around and try to steal coins Buratino. Putin pulls the strings here, all the characters dancing to his tune. Buratino the innocent, he should represent the people saw through that Putin and Medvedev together - and then play badminton with him."
 What a blue sky!

 We`re so poor! We have no money! We`re going there.... There is a magic field. "Field of Miracles"
"Field of Miracles" in the country of Fools.
 I invite you to a play
There will be plenty ploys
I love these puppets
As my own kids

We`ll show you a Show
Ahhh -  it`s simply Amazing
Ohhh - It`s simply Delightful
Uhhh -  It`s simply Yummy

Yummy Yummy Yum

Long live our brave Karabas!
So cosy to live under his wings
But he is not a sadist,
He is just a kind Guru

Let's saw him to pieces!

What a blue sky!
To fool someone - you need no knife!

Just lie a lot! And do with fool what you want!
That`s all!
You think I`m a villain?
Yes! I`m ready to play dirty tricks!
You call me a beast?
Yes! I`m ready to do beastliness!
I`ll do anything for money!
The only joy - to grab it all!

The only joy - to grab it all!
What a blue sky!