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Welcome to Memories & Beyond © 2004 (Stephanie Sharp). You are welcome to view the images that describe an era in itself. These images depict meanings in life that portray certain feelings of love, relaxation and a respectful view of what life is really about. Each and every photo placed on the web defines its own characteristic as it challenges the viewer to read into the message conveyed.
I found that in trying to portray what beauty is alleged within the realm of innocence and pure virtuousness, the best remedy would be to take the purity of children and animals, a twist of humor depicted by times gone by, the correlation between color and beauty, the traditional places that, at one time, described what a home was all about and use the overall combination to allow others to take in and behold what is formulated in all that God has created.
Each photo you will view throughout the site tells of a story. There are images of meditation, contemplation, observation, curiosity, savoring the moment, moments to think about, stories to talk about, remembering when, brotherly love, babies in a tub, posing in thought and being one with nature.
With all that these photos describe, each idea will be sketched in your memory as you take the opportunity to own such images in any form you choose, whether it be to lift someone's spirits by way of Post Cards and Greeting Cards, or simply to remind yourself that beauty does live on by making a statement simply by using the shirt on your back. Each order placed through our website will accompany (upon shipment) a 'Certificate of Authenticity' to represent the authenticity of the M&B product.  This site is still currently under construction, yet to purchase images portrayed via the site, please access my 'Memories and Beyond' store at

Aside from the above mentioned photography website, below is a mention of each published book that has been written (and illustrated) by me and is now being marketed via the net. 

Authors: Stephanie Sharp
Product Description
A small bluebird by the name of Alfred is forced to begin his flying lessons without any consideration of how he may feel about it. However, Alfred tries to take charge of the situation the best way he knows how without letting his fears get the best of him. Eventually, Alfred learns a valuable lesson in life. He takes the ability and knowledge that he had been given, and uses it to benefit those who aren’t so lucky. He then realizes that sharing the ability, care, and concern with others makes his fear disappear, and the want to share his new found capacity soars to a new height.

The illustrations provided via my children's book, 'The Bird that Couldn't' (ISBN: 9781424182503, Format: Paperback, Published: February 2008) was drawn, colored (hence illustrated) by me. Selective images in the book can be viewed at The book itself can also be purchased via on-line sources such as,,,,,, etc. Just do a search via your web browser with the title of the book as the search topic for additional purchase options.

*For a look inside the book, please access the following link at

Authors: Stephanie Sharp
Most of us spend our youth trying to figure out our true identity and what we want most in life. Sometimes, however, when we finally discover the answers to these questions, it may seem to be too late to realize them.
Corie and Ketley, best friends through childhood, have begun their separate lives after marrying their husbands, but sadly these relationships don’t provide the kind of love they need. Feeling despondent and hopeless, Corie turns to the most unlikely of possibilities for comfort, only to find herself immersed in a web of secrets, manipulation, and desire that will threaten her relationships with everyone she loves…

*The script for 'The Ten Mile Creek" is currently being written and formatted for possible screen production.  For a look inside the book, please access the following link at 

3. Sequential Journeys of the Soul-Lifetime Progressions (ISBN: 9781462634217) Authors: Stephanie Sharp
The manuscript encompasses the idea of how specific elements play a part in mankind's limited ideas and beliefs that seem to inhibit our own thinking in terms of what truly exists and how great the possibilities of God really is. The publication for this interactive manuscript is scheduled to be completed in 2012 and the first story of this series can currently be accessed via The story itself (accessible via link) has also been converted to script format (with a deliberate twist and more enhanced scenes) and is currently being marketed via the net. The full feature script entitled "The Secret of the Nile" has received a 2-star rating via the Screenwriter Showcase Community and can be accessed via This is a fictional yet fact-based epic film (following a plausible interpretation of historical records) set in ancient Egypt around 3100BC and delivers a portrayal of a more realistic view of the Scorpion King, as what Hollywood has never seen before.

*For a look inside the book, please access the following link at


The following is information pertaining to three original full feature scripts (as well as one horror short script) that has been written by me and marketed via the net.  The first is a 2-Star rated script (via the Screenwriter Showcase Community) entitled 'The Secret of the Nile' placing emphasis on the demise of an ancient kingdom and the unification of one country. The script is accessible via Secondly, 'The Deadly Sins of Farmakeia' (as visually shown below) is a script that quickly changes gears and places emphasis on the willful interaction with demonic entities and the deadly results it can bring about. A viewing of the award winning visual pitch/movie trailer can be accessed below as well as the website. Additionally, the script itself can be accessed via the link. My final completed script is entitled 'Love and Let Die' which is a 4-star rated script via the writer's community. It is unique in that it is a family-oriented story of a young adult male trying to keep his family together. The full feature script can be accessed via and the 'Movie Script Video Pitch' can be accessed via or by simply clicking on the link below.  Lastly, the short (just recently completed) entitled 'The Keeper of the Skull' is a script with scenes that visibly unfold as it delivers a frightening and suspenseful story of deceit between a father and his grown daughter who are both determined to make their relationship work at any cost, all the while being tormented by a masked villain that dwells from within.  The ironic element to this plot is that it remains questionable throughout the story as to who is actually affected via the likes of this villain and who it is that actually harbors evil, being allowed to side and even assist in the villain's evil plan.  The short can be accessed via the following link at

**Promotional advertising and links provided below are strictly for commercial use only and to provide marketing services for Stephanie Sharp, the sole author and owner of all mentioned literary works of art.
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Lastly, I am in the marketing phase of my new product line called 'The Holly-Dolly Birthday Bunch'.  The limited edition collection series is a small low-cost limited line of collectibles (approx 6"x6.5") that will be created via a ceramic-like sculpturing compound that is shatter and chip resistant and develops into a semi-translucent finish providing that original artistic quality. Once the product has been produced, marketed and distributed there will be a figure in the collection for each month of the year that will emphasize the importance of the particular monthly holiday it portrays (hence the word 'Holly') as well as the individuals that were born during that month. For information pertaining to the kickoff of this project, access the following link at  Promotional packages have been created and should you or your company be interested in the possible licensing and mass production of this potential product (or would simply like more information), please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at

*The product line currently has an approved Provisional Patent and will prospectively be approved for a Non-Provisional Patent within the next 6 months
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