FIAT 500 - Women's Race

As the official sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Awareness run, Fiat 500 wanted to promote the event and boost the number of participants and grow registrations from the previous year’s record of 60,000 entries.

As it was a race for women, created by women, we decided to create a campaign that spoke in a language that the reader would associate with “how women talk”; leaving male users slightly perplexed. The phrases were full of innuendo, forcing users to read the  message between the lines: signing-up and supporting this important cause.

The main goal was to evoke the female essence of the sentences through typography. In order to do this we selected a bold calligraphic typography, which give strength to the words yet being graceful and feminine. Also we emphasized certain words to make clearer the message, garnishing it with delicate ornaments to make more subtle and friendly the threatening headline. The background is neutral to generate high contrast and to keep a classic look, the informative texts represent the brand communications making it clearly differentiated from the women.
English version
 Versión español