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    These are a series of posters for a hotel that publicise there shows also included with this series of work were backdrops, logos and leaflets.
This is one of the first posters I did for a client as he wanted to advertise the fact of around the world act that takes on different countries and there styles.
The second designs in around the world posters
First design for a Comedy Night for the same client
The second choice design for the comedy night poster
For this design I did a bit of research as to what the 2012 guinness book of records looked like and based my design around that.
For this design the brief was pretty open so as it was to draw attention to a Talent Contest in a spanish resort why not make a point of that by using the spanish flag. 
John Travolta night poster was easy as there are lots of iconic images of him around mostly of him in Grease but no so many of him in the musical hairspray but this image is so familiar I had to use it.
Moulin Rouge is infamous for being the ultimate party venue where anything goes so I wanted to use a font that was used then and would still work now. The image below is from the famous moulin rouge with Ewan Mcgregor there were so many I could have used. 
The theme for this series of posters was awards ceremony so what better ceremony than the oscars and having something that resinates expence luxury than gold and embossed text.
The second in this series was to show maybe more than one oscar that could also be used as a background
Notre Dame du Paris is probably one of the most famous buildings in paris and is architecturally stunning, but one of its best characteristics is the windows. So with this poster design I wanted to focus on this.
The second option in this series was to use the image of the Notre Dame as a backdrop for the information thats was to be displayed.
The Best Of was the title of the next poster so for me it was easy use all the rest of the posters as a collage.
As for the Variety Show poster I looked to design something that had a resemblance to the old late 70's early 80's variety show poster I had seen and having the name in lights.
Using the same method as previous but needed something a little lighter as all the posters so far seem to be looking a little dark.