Here's a picture I've just finished, looking at the sunrise over the Cheshire countryside on a misty morning. Really wanted to go for a painterly feel on this one, and capture the glow of the early light.

To see it in more detail take a look at this page on my site.

And lots of my landscapes are available as prints for my shop.'s a new image I have been working away on for a while. A view of London at Dusk, as the buildings light up.

It's a massive image made out of many, many shots. So to get a real feel for the picture you need to explore the full res version here,

You can also download this as a computer wallpaper here,

A prints are available in my shop,
Just put this together new landscape together. A view of a distant valley catching the sun, taken in the Brecon Beacons a couple of months ago.

You can see a nice big version here on my site,

And lots more my landscapes are available here in my shop,
Preston Bus Station Carpark

New shot of Preston Bus Station Carpark, taken for the Maps Arts Festival in Preston.

This and lots of my other work is available from my Print Shop,

See a more detailed version of the shot here,

This image and a selection of my New Worlds work will be showing in Preston from Friday, details below.

Your work will be shown at Oxheys Studio Mill, Stanhope Street, Preston, PR1 7PN
from 31st Aug - 8th September.
The rolling hills not far from Llandegla.

See it in a bit more detail here on my site.

It's been a summer of dramatic light and big cloud formations which I've been wanting to capture for a while. Took this whilst walking with friends in between getting soaked in the rain.
Forest Path

Here's a new image I've just put together of a forest path in the Brecon Beacons. Amazing part of the world and always wonderful for taking pictures.

You can see a more detailed, better version of this picture here on my site.
Here's a new image of Manchester in the sun for the Home Group Show in the Cornerhouse bar in Manchester, which opens on the 1st of June.

Much bigger better version here.
New sunset shot taken sailing away from a sunset,  check out a bigger version on my site here.
Larger version here.
Rolling Ocean -
Larger Version here.
Salford Manchester
More Detail version here.
Moonlit Cottage
Larger Version here.
Larger version right here.
Possum Valley
Larger version of this shot here.
Larger version here.
New York Bay -
New shot looking out at cargo ships at anchor, with the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in the distance.
See it in more detail here.

End of the Line - Flushing Meadows, Queens  /

Here's a new shot taken in Flushing Meadows, looking out over the subway trains, some very shiny and silver, others a rusty looking. It was just as the Open Tennis was going on and you can see the fans in the stadium to the left of the shot.

You can see a bigger version on my site here.
Above the Clouds
Take a look at the larger version on my site, here.

Based on this painting by Caspar David Friedrich.
Through the Trees  /
Quite a spooky looking shot taken on a cold damp walk in Macclesfield Forest this weekend. Some really strange light coming through the mist of the trees

There's a bigger version here on my site http://
Moonlit Seascape
Here's a seascape taken in the middle of the Mediterranean this summer.

See a bigger version here on my site.
Kho Phi Phi Don  /
Check out the bigger version on my site here.
Monaco  /
Bigger version on my site here.
Out to Sea
This Seascape was lit by the flashes of a distant thunder storm, and the lights in the foreground are from Taxi Boats.

Bigger version here.
Hope Woodlands
See a bigger version on my site here.
Snowdonia /
Looking out across the valleys and hills, I really wanted to capture the beauty of the landscape in this part of Wales.

There's lots more of my Landscape work on this Gallery, http://www.andrewbrooksphotogr
New York City
See a big version of this shot here.

Here's a image from New York City that I gave a kind of old fashioned treatment,kind of heading towards sepia tone but with the odd flash of colour. I wanted it to feel like it could be from the 1940.s

Lots more cityscape work in this gallery here.


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