A M A N D A  L E P O R E
Reca Group is launching an advertising campaign full of colors, fun and passion. A surreal and refined game of products, a fairy-tale of dolls and accessories where the recreational and innocent atmosphere is marked by the explosive figure of Amanda Lepore.
The ad face of this campaign, Amanda Lepore, is the muse to the renowned photographer David La Chapelle. Thanks to her pop and eccentric look has also been the star of several music videos of famous artists such as Elton John and of many fashion-advertising campaigns for brands of caliber like Armani. A fashion icon and a multitalented artist she is without doubt the queen of discos and clubs all over the world. Being a well-known transsexual, she is always very sensitive on the human rights issues and has also participated in the multi-artist True Colors Tour headed by Cindy Lauper, which traveled through the United States and Canada to raise funds for various Human Rights Campaigns. Amanda Lepore represents for Reca Group both the male and female universe, the willingness and love, the courage and commitment; all the essential qualities to face successfully the challenges of the upcoming Autumn.